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  1. Hi Piette, I tried to build OverbyteMwD103Run. It prompted IcsSslDefs.inc, IcsSslEAY.pas and IcsLIBEAY.pas files are missing. I found them from the ICS component source folder and copied them to this server component source folder and build it again. It prompted ICSDEFS.INC is missing. However, I find it nowhere. Where can I get this file. The required file OverbyteMwD103Run.bcp cannot being built in this case. Am I doing correctly?
  2. Hello, I tried to install the latest Midware version for Rio 10.3 by the OverbyteMwD103Design.dproj, it prompted an error 'OverbyteMwD103Run' not found. Are you missing include this object in the zip file? Best Regard, Leo