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  1. Can Delphi Community Edition 10.4 create a Webbroker app?
  2. GreatDayDan

    What is good replacement for FastReports?

    Thanks, all. FortesReport look sgood but it in in Portgues. In FR, the language is set by this code: procedure DetectLocale; {$IfNDef MSWINDOWS} var dlct: string; {$EndIf} begin {$IfNDef MSWINDOWS} dlct := AnsiUpperCase(Copy(GetEnvironmentVariable('LANG'), 1, 2)); if dlct = 'EN' then LocaleStrings := EnglishStrings else if dlct = 'PT' then LocaleStrings := PortugueseStrings else if dlct = 'ES' then but is not working, it always returns as "PT". I have set a breakpoint at dlct := but it don't break. Yes the build configuration is DEBUG. Can anyone help me with this?
  3. GreatDayDan

    What is good replacement for FastReports?

    Hey, Vandrovnik, thanks for the tip. I went to Emba and d/l'ed code from github. I ran frcInstall. It is in a different language, Brazilian maybe? I was able to install the package. Now I need to see how to use it. Thanks...Dan'l
  4. GreatDayDan

    What is good replacement for FastReports?

    I use Delphi CE because it is free to use. FR std is $299. I am retired and on a broken income (well it certainly has not been fixed!). Spending $300 bucks is not an option.
  5. DCE 10.4 does not include FastReport. Bummer. That breaks a lot of my apps. Does anyone know of a good replacement fpr FR?
  6. So there is no FRx for Delphi CE 10.4?
  7. I have been using Delphi Community Edition for several years. I now have CE 10.4 installed. GetIt does not show FastReport. How/Where can I get FR for CE?
  8. I have downloaded RADStudio-1042-4203 CE. it stops on Problem loading data...the file does not exist. I have researched this. Most posts say to use GetIt Man directly. One post said to run GetItCmd.exe -c=useonline. I did that but the install still failed. Since I had to uninstall the previous code I do not have access to GetIt. Does anyone know when this will be fixed? Is there a work-around so that I can get Delphi installed?
  9. GreatDayDan

    JEDI files cannot find windows files

    Thanks for all the tips. I made sure that I have the unit scope names set. Now, this bit of code function TJvMetricsInfo.GetACP: Integer; begin Result := Windows.GetACP; end; [dcc32 Error] JvComputerInfoEx.pas(3456): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'Windows' Any ideas on how to fix this? It seems to me that the JEDI code should already have code scope figured out.
  10. GreatDayDan

    JEDI files cannot find windows files

    I tried that road. It was an endless trail of Jv files that need to be updated. Finally figured that JEDI was not installed properly.
  11. After reinstalling Delphi CE 10.3 the Jv files, at least some of them, cannot find the windows files. The first error I get is [dcc32 Fatal Error] JvComponentBase.pas(37): F2613 Unit 'Classes' not found. I had Getit install Jcl & Jvcl. I have even put the latest release of the JCL and JVCL in the CatalogRepository and renaming them to the names that Getit used. Does anyone know how to fix this? BTW, Since Yahoo has gotten out of the Groups business we no longer have access to the JEDI news lists. Thanks...Dan'l
  12. Not using Bluetooth, using network. But I will look into permissions. Thanks
  13. I have an android app that works fine on an Android v5 but not on v7 or v9. On the V5 device, the ProfileResourceReceived is triggered but not on the v7 or v9 device. What changed? Is there a fix? Delphi CE 10.3.2 The mobile app asks for the database: This works on all versions. procedure TfrmMMMP.Get_Database; begin TabControl1.ActiveTab := tbtmhome; tetprof.SendString(tetMan.RemoteProfiles[FRemProfIndex], 'Get_Database', 'Get_Database'); end; The Server gets the db and streams it to the app: This is a VCL app. It catches the request from all versions. procedure TfrmMMMPServer.thrprofServerResourceReceived(const Sender: TObject; const AResource: TRemoteResource); var ms: TMemoryStream; fs: TFilestream; LStream : TMemoryStream; begin if (AResource.Hint <> '') and (AResource.Hint <> 'ClientLog') then ToTheLog('> AResource.Hint: ', AResource.Hint); if AResource.Hint = 'Get_Database' then begin if Connected then begin ms := tmemorystream.Create; ms := dmMMMPServerVCL.GetDbAsStream; ms.Position := 0; thrprofServer.SendStream(thrmanServer.RemoteProfiles.First, 'Here_TheDB', ms); end The app catches the Response and populates a ListBox: This does not trigger on Ver 7 or Ver 9. procedure TfrmMMMP.tetProfResourceReceived(const Sender: TObject; const AResource: TRemoteResource); begin if AResource.Hint = 'Here_TheDB' then begin DoStreamTheDb(AResource); DoFillLB(lbxRecipeNames); tabcontrol1.ActiveTab := TbtmRecipes; end
  14. GreatDayDan

    The IDE Platform|Target items

    I have the Android ADK on a different drive. I was trying to get an ADK version > 25.2.5 to see if it would fix a problem I am having. I got 26.something but had trouble with the NDK. I changed the configuration to use the RAD installed files: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\CatalogRepository There are other questions but I will ask them in other threads.
  15. GreatDayDan

    The IDE Platform|Target items

    After reconfiguring the Android SDK locations the Target items names are in HEX, not English. Like this: instead of "S-V900" it shows "1956bafa". Does any know how to fix this? Delphi CE Rio 10.3.2.