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  1. Pieter Bas Hofstede

    Refactoring Enum to string using enum helpers

    FYI both release/win32 Fast RTTI in 10.4.2 🙂
  2. Pieter Bas Hofstede

    Alt-sortcuts are not always the same

    I think this is related to the dynamically buildup of the IDE menu. I think your application in the 1st situation was a VCL-form-application. Because of that, the menuitem "Multi Device From - Delphi" is made invisible. The 'New Unit' item gets it's shortcut with the 'U'. When your projects is closed, de IDE makes it possible again to add a new "Multi Device From - Delphi". After enabling this menitem, it recalculates shortcuts for this menu. It chooses the "u" as shortcut (as "M" is already in use". Because of this the menu item "Unit - Delphi" can't get shortcut-key "U" anymore, and get it's next available character as shortcut ("n"). Could it be something like this?