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  1. I'm sorry, but where I have to change it?
  2. Exactly! I'm using this unit. But I do not see any newer versions of this unit on github.
  3. Thanks, but your propositions did not help: I've created a hard link D:\SDKs\SDK-25 and D:\NDKs\NDK-21, but I still get the same error. Any idea?
  4. An Android application compiles fine in Delphi 10.3.3 Rio, but after I've migrated to Delphi 10.4 Sydney I started to get an error: Has anyone something similar?
  5. at3s

    Character spacing in RichEdit control

    Exactly. I even tried to copy and load different MsftEdit.dll versions in Windows 7, but without success.
  6. at3s

    Character spacing in RichEdit control

    It seems so. Does JvRichEdit's Spacing work fine in all Windows versions (Win7 x32, Win XP f.e.)?
  7. at3s

    Character spacing in RichEdit control

    Hi again, For some reason, spacing doesn't work on 32-bit Windows 7 and Windows XP, even it works fine on Windows 10 x64. I guess it's because their msftedit.dll file version. Does someone know if it's correct and how to fix this?
  8. at3s

    Character spacing in RichEdit control

    It works in Delphi, thanks a lot.
  9. at3s

    Character spacing in RichEdit control

    Sure. Here is a unit: unit uRichEdit; interface uses System.SysUtils , Winapi.Windows , Vcl.ComCtrls , Winapi.RichEdit , tom_TLB ; type TRichEditHelper = class helper for TRichEdit private class function reGetTextDocument(RichEdit: TRichEdit): ITextDocument; public class function reSpacing(ARichEdit: TRichEdit; ASpaces: Integer): Boolean; end; implementation { TRichEditHelper } class function TRichEditHelper.reGetTextDocument( RichEdit: TRichEdit): ITextDocument; var re: IUnknown; begin if RichEdit.Perform(EM_GETOLEINTERFACE, 0, LParam(@re)) = 0 then begin Result := nil; Exit; end; re._AddRef; if not Supports(re, ITextDocument, Result) then Result := nil; end; class function TRichEditHelper.reSpacing(ARichEdit: TRichEdit; ASpaces: Integer): Boolean; var doc: ITextDocument; spacing: Single; begin doc := reGetTextDocument(ARichEdit); doc.Selection.Start := 0; doc.Selection.End_ := Length(doc.Selection.Text); doc.Selection.Font.Spacing := ASpaces; end; end. and its using: TRichEdit.RichEditSpacing(reSample, 10); You have to import 'tom' type library.
  10. I tried in Delphi to make working a C++ sample (Character spacing in RichEdit control) but spacing does not change (doc.Selection.Font.Spacing). I guess, Font.Spacing is deprecated but not sure. Did someone something similar or can confirm it's not possible?
  11. I'm interesting in eigen tasks solving has been implemented in my project. Since an implementation of Aberth–Ehrlich method was fail, I've implemented libopenblas.dll function calling. And now I'm trying to implement Eigen library usage as you proposed. But speed of calculation is a top priority requirement for me.
  12. I just trying to check if it's possible to find eigenvalues\eigenvectors using Eigen library so fast as libopenblas.dll does. I am as well.
  13. I geuss the difference is because LAPACK is based on Fortran math. And probably one of reason is Fortran is faster in calculations. The other one could be difference in algorythm as well. I'm interesting, if it's possible to call a Fortran function within the Delphi code like libopenblas.dll does?
  14. Nope, it does. Truth is that it doesn't compute "left" eigenvectors (vl array), but "right" yes (vr array).