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  1. Yeah Stefane that was interesting about the game loop, even better its a C++ example.
  2. bdw_nz20

    Debugging x64 DLL (c++) and Delphi

    If you file a QP probably worth noting the RSP in a follow up post so people can track this issue.
  3. bdw_nz20

    Debugging x64 DLL (c++) and Delphi

    Yep I believe its a bug in 10.4.1, debug not available for DLL at all. I tested in 10.1.2 and it works without issue, you can step into the DLL code no problem. I'd say a Quality portal entry will be required. I think a friend struck this issue in 10.4 and maybe 10.3.X just a bit of a blur as these issues seem to happen so often for C++ and EMB quality.
  4. Could it be the SSL version being used on the server ? Might not be negotiating the correct version ? Could check if they are restricted to v1.1 or v1.2, I believe you can set the max version to use at runtime.
  5. bdw_nz20

    CPP or C++ Category

    My suggestion was in part due to EMB saying they will be dropping there forum and have suggested using Delphi-Praxis and SO. However Delphi-Praxis in my view is a better forum than SO but as always different strokes for different folks. There is a close relationship between C++ and Delphi for so many years to be honest I didnt think it would be a huge deal but maybe it could also be a sub-forum of different languages that also interface with Delphi (Stefan seems on board with that...hee). If no one uses it then just remove it down the track.
  6. bdw_nz20

    CPP or C++ Category

    Is there already a CPP main topic / category that questions can be asked on ? Or would it be a good idea to add a main fourm topic for that ?
  7. bdw_nz20

    10.4.1 Released today

    For C++ users its a real shame there is yet still no fix for Code Completion not working now for 3-4 years.