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  1. I'm about to start on a similar project. Please let us know what you find out!
  2. DelphiMT

    Is someone using MVVM?

    I've had good luck using it to write a GUI in Delphi which interacts with another program that was written in Python. I use sockets to communicate between the two processes, which has the added benefit of allowing the GUI to run on a different machine if needed, it could even be on a different platform. I've used this same architecture even when the program(s) are written in the same language. The MVVM structure works well for this -- I generally have the View (the GUI) send messages over the socket to the ViewModel, which then dispatches them to the appropriate Model. I use thread-safe queues and background threads for all the I/O so that the GUI is never blocked.
  3. DelphiMT

    Any luck using 10.4.1 on Windows 8.1?

    That's disappointing.. I've been away from Delphi for a few months and was hoping things had gotten better with the new release. Which is the most stable recent version of Delphi in your experience? I need to compile 64bit apps for Android and macOS, I was under the impression that 10.4.1 was the only version that could do that.
  4. DelphiMT

    Any luck using 10.4.1 on Windows 8.1?

    It still gets security fixes which is all I want.
  5. I just tried to install 10.4.1 on my Windows 8.1 virtual and got the error that RAD Studio no longer supports installation on Windows 8.1, but you can ignore the error and install anyhow. Has anyone else tried using 10.4.1 on Windows 8.1 -- if so, did you have any problems? I prefer to use 8.1 because I can control what Windows updates are installed. Thanks!
  6. I had issues similar to this when making an app that uses Bt LE on android. I'm traveling now and when I get home (in a few days) I'll dig out my notes and provide some examples of how I worked around this. My fuzzy recollection is that because Bluetooth can be used to infer someone's location, you have to have all the location permissions granted, and IIRC it seemed to matter that you do them in a certain order.
  7. Great news! I rely heavily on SecureBridge and always wait until they support the new version before updating.
  8. Android 6 and later require getting permissions at runtime. Bluetooth also requires location permissions since Bluetooth can potentially leak location information. I found this article helpful: http://blong.com/Articles/AndroidPermissions/DelphiAppPermissions.htm
  9. DelphiMT

    Google Play Store - request extension for Delphi apps

    Just another data point and word of warning to others: I've tried to publish a bug-fix update to one of my apps (it's been on the Play Store for several years already), and so far I've gotten two emails from Google -- one asking for more information on why I'm not 64-bit compliant (I already told them I'm using RAD Studio which doesn't support 64bits yet, so I'm not sure why they had to ask again), and then today I got another email saying they are reviewing it further -- so it seems like just saying you are using RAD Studio is not enough of a reason. The whole process has taken 2 weeks so far, and in the meantime our users can't get the bug fix. Initially I tried to publish the bug fix as a beta version and requested an exception for that, but never heard anything back from Google, so apparently they are only looking at exception requests for full production releases, which doesn't really make sense since I'd really like to publish it as a beta first before pushing it out to production. Argh!!!
  10. Interesting. I'll be keeping an eye on this. Would it be possible to make it work with Visual Studio Code as the IDE?
  11. I think you need to add a call to ProgressBar1.Repaint inside the loop.
  12. I'm using High Sierra. It may depend on what "flavor" of BLE you need to use. In my case I'm using the UART over Bluetooth service. I did end up using a USB Bluetooth dongle because the built-in Bluetooth on my 2012 Mac Mini didn't work - maybe you are running into the same issue?
  13. While do you say BLE is not usable? I have an app available on both Apple and Google stores that runs on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, and uses BLE to control an industrial laser. I've had problems getting it to work with Windows, but it was easy to get it working on iOS, Mac and Android.
  14. Check your deployment options -- debug and release builds can have different options. Perhaps some of the graphic resources are included in the Release build?
  15. DelphiMT

    My first Delphi 10.3 impressions

    Most of these issues were reported during the beta phase, so it must be an issue of priorities and they didn't feel that these bugs were worth holding up the release. It sure makes me think that the future of software development is to use open-source tools so that the community can have a role in the development. I know this is becoming the norm in many other communities. Microsoft is making big strides in this area. Maybe it's time for me to revisit Lazarus/Open Pascal.