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  1. HI. I kindly ask some help. Windws 10, Delphi 11, Xiaomi 9A device. I tried to run a Helloworld example from Github. The project builds ok, the device paltform android 64 bit shows the Target (M2006C3LG). But when I run it I get the error "Your Android device does not support the selected target platform architecture". Where/what should I look into to get the solution to this problem?
  2. Hello Vandrovnik. It is armv8 should be 64bit. Mybe the problem is that the processor is Mediatek Helio?
  3. HI. I am totally new to multi platform apps, hence I can't make head or tail of what the error may mean. I hope somebody could give me some help. I downloaded a sample app from Github. When I build it for Windows, it is succesfull. When I bild it for Android I get the error: [PAClient Error] Error: E7688 Unable to execute '"C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-\bin\java.exe" -cp "c:\program files (x86)\embarcadero\studio\22.0\bin\Android\r8-3.0.73.jar" com.android.tools.r8.D8 --release --min-api 23 --output "C:\HMXE_A\multi_Platform_samples\01-HelloWorld\Android64\Debug\HelloWorld.classes" @"C:\HMXE_A\multi_Platform_samples\01-HelloWorld\Android64\Debug\dex_list.txt"' (Error 1) Delphi Alexandria.
  4. Thank you vry much Dave. It worked fine!
  5. Hello. Everytime one updates Delphi, a calvary begins . I had a perfect function 11.0. I made the latest update, and nothing works any longer. I get these errors: [dcc32 Error] system.zlib.pas(2958): E2065 Unsatisfied forward or external declaration: '@zcalloc' [dcc32 Error] system.zlib.pas(2958): E2065 Unsatisfied forward or external declaration: '@zcfree' [dcc32 Fatal Error] Vcl.GraphUtil.pas(416): F2063 Could not compile used unit 'System.ZLib.pas' Does anybody have any idea of how to fix this? I also noticed that when in the IDE I often get an error thats says that it cannot save zlib.pass to the "_recovery" folder. I got one result to my search that says that that maybe due to a third party component that uses zlib.pas , but I cannot find any component that does it. Besides, here it says that is Vcl.GraphUtil.pas that cannot be compiled b/c zlib is messed up.
  6. I re-installed for the 4th time. Before the installation, I removed any 22.0 directory reference. Now I get the error Could not compile used unit 'nxdb' nxdb is the Nexusdb unit (I have the DCU only version ) The nxdb is here Directory of C:\ProgramData\NexusDB\NexusDB4\Library\Delphi11\Win32 17/12/2021 02:48 p. m. 612,434 nxdb.dcu 1 File(s) 612,434 bytes I have C:\programdata\NexusDB\NexusDB4\Library\Delphi11\Win32 in the library path as well as in the project search path. Why does it want to compile the dcu? I tried to check and unched the Use debug .dcu's, but I get the same result. What else can I do?
  7. Hello. Here I am. Back to square 1. I removed thre previous installatiion of 11.1, I removed all directories. I re-installed Delphi. The unit scopes are the same as before. And I get the same rerror that I was gettig before (see attached image s1.jpg). The compiler messages output is in the attached errors.txt. All dcu's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\lib\win32\debug show the original date as they were included in the installation exe. I am over_super_completely lost. errors.txt
  8. Thanks Uwe. I spoiled my weekend. C:\programdata\NexusDB\NexusDB4\Library\Delphi11\win32 I put that because that is where Nexusdb put its dcu's.
  9. Oops. Use I thinnk I did a foolish thing. I deleted not only from win32 (as you SAID) but also from the win64! I guess the only thing now is to re-install delphi? Unit not found: 'System' or binary equivalents (.dcu)
  10. Once I remove the Source directory from the library, I get these errors when building the project (attached errors.txt). errors.txt
  11. I have this in unit scope name (se attached (us.jpg). And in both places these are the lines (Under inherit values from Base in Unit scope Names, and in the top editable list in Values form All configurations) System;Xml; Data;Datasnap; Web;Soap; Vcl; Vcl.Imaging; Vcl.Touch; Vcl.Samples; Vcl.Shell
  12. David what am I supposed to show? I have a project with 116 units. I build it and I get the error.
  13. Hello Uwe. Well I added those paths (dto Source) because I was getting error like : could not compile unit lasses, controls, extrctrls etc. In fact I removed those paths and I get those errors again.
  14. HI. Has anyone installed succesfully Delphi 11.1. I get the checksum error shown in the attached image in the middle of the installation process. I contacte support but I got no answer.
  15. The 5th attempt succeded.
  16. I found the instructions. I hope I can use the migration tool (because my attempted install ituninstalled the existing data).
  17. Thanks Vandrovnik. How do you install from ISO?
  18. Hello. Does anybody know how to fix this? Suddenly when I do File -> Open recent the listbox appears off the top ot the screen ad I can only see a few recent files (none of the Projects). Thanks for any suggestion. Enrico
  19. alogrep

    File-> Open recent: way off the top of the screen

    Yes the number were 10 (projects) and 15 (files). Suddenly the listbox goes off the screen. Now I downloaded something with Getit, and it shows ok, for now . It is a bug.
  20. Hello Uwe. I am in trouble again. I left my project, after everythig was ok, for a month, and now again have the same problem: the old legacy glyphs with tpngobject do not show the images. The design components show in installed packages, but the unit with tpngobject images do now show the image. I uninstalled the package., I re-installed PngComponentsDesign.dpk from the sydney folder. I also re-named pngcomponents\pngobject to make sure it does not interfere in any way. But the (content of the) images are not shown. Any clue, please?
  21. I went step by step, and I found out than in the splashform creation process, it creates the png button wich in turns create the png image of the button. constructor TPngImage.Create; That is in Vcl.Imaging.PngImage.pas. At that point the alias (tpngobject) is set to tpngimage. Whis is something it could not be done at app start (as you said, an alias cannot be registered). I think that is what happens. But, whatever it is, the trick seems to work.
  22. . There is no Tpngobject word in the DFM. It just has this: object Image1: TImage Left = 0 Top = 0 Width = 1008 Height = 740 Picture.Data = { 0A54504E474F626A65637489504E470D0A1A0A0000000D494844520000078000...... etc. However, that pngcomponet in the splash form seems to do the trick. And I also need to keep the dfm compatile with XRE am my older Delphi for a while.
  23. Hello. I can not answer that question = I do not know the answer. However, the problem has something to do with path or dll delayed loading. I use a splashform in the app. I added a pngcomponet (the button, visible = false) to it and the main form with the png image DOES now show the image. If I remove that png button from the splash form, it does not.
  24. Sorry, I can not answer that question. I had done an update for Tokyo (I think was another pngoject compunets package, not yours) and there it worked fine.. When I put the cursor ofer the Tpngobjec it shows the hint "Tpngimage Defined in <blank> However if I comment out the resizing function and run the App, the image is NOT show, although at design time it IS shown.
  25. Thanks. I do not necessarely want to use the Pngobject. But a) the image picture graphic shows = NIL. What does it mean? (the image IS show) b) I need occasionally to resize the image. any other way to do it? I attach the resizing code in the file. code.txt