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  1. chmichael

    Terminate/Kill Parallel Async after timeout

    Hello, Yes i know but i couldn't find any timeout for this API. It's the Winsock.Connect. Do you know how i can use the TerminateThread on Parallel.Async ? Thank you
  2. Hello, How can i Terminate/Kill a Parallel.Async ? example: Parallel.Async( procedure begin // Call a Winapi Blocking API which take 5000 ms to complete end ); Sleep(1000); //WaitFor 1000ms if MyParallelAsync still running kill it! Thank you
  3. chmichael

    Thread programming without sleep or WaitFor events

    Take a look at this: https://github.com/winddriver/Delphi-Cross-Socket
  4. Hello, Any ideas why the below code does not send the email: (it doesn't through an exception either) var vSMTP: TSmtpCli; begin vSMTP := TSmtpCli.Create(nil); with vSMTP do begin Host := 'my.mailhost.com'; Username := 'user@mailhost.com'; Password := 'password'; OwnHeaders := True; ContentType := smtpPlainText; CharSet := 'UTF-8'; HdrFrom := 'user@mailhost.com'; HdrTo := 'user@mailhost.com'; HdrSubject := UTF8Encode('Subject'); MailMessage.Text := UTF8Encode('Body'); Connect; while State <> smtpReady do begin ProcessMessages; Sleep(50); end; Mail; FreeAndNil(vSMTP); end; end; Thank you
  5. chmichael

    Delphi 10.3 Update 2 available

    Is it me or there isn't 64-bit macOS target for 10.3.2 Community Edition ?
  6. Yes, but I think that we have some FreePascal developers in here to sort this out. See my answer to Tommi
  7. 1. I already have this in my design plans but it seems i can not host a database on the Github so currently i'll have to use my personal hosting. 2. Thanks! I'll contact him after Benchmark/Validation apps are made.
  8. Well i was on updating the FastCode "RTL replacement" then. Anyhow that is not my point, if you want to be the leader be my guest! My point is that all these years after FastCode nothing else is done and Microsoft has already made .Net Core open source. At least to me it's a start man to motivate your minds! I'll start to work moving the old FastCode code into this new project and on new Benchmark and Validation tools (on my free time), just follow the repository to see updates. That's all i can do for now. Thank you
  9. Poll is clear so i removed the "64" suffix from the repository. If anyone wants to contribute code please let me know! (I'll move the old FastCode code for start) Thank you
  10. I just want to know how many people will spend time on this project so i can focus on the benchmark/validation tools for start. (Since i'm not an assembler expert) IOW, if nobody cares the project will die like the FastCode.
  11. All the currently platforms are 64 bit so i don't think there is much point wasting time for 32bit code. Anyhow it's up to developers to choose not me! Free Pascal compatibility will bo no problem also. 🙂 Also are the mORMot assembler routines 64 bit ? ps: I updated the first post with a Poll for 32-bit
  12. Well, we already have the Current RTL for benchmarking. I'll see what i can do tranfering the old FastCode pascal to this project
  13. Hello Guys & Girls, Since i'm getting bored to wait from Embarcadero to speed up delphi i thought it would be nice for us ("the community") to help out the things a bit. So i started a new project on the GitHub which it will allow us to build the Fastest RTL is possible for Delphi. The targets are: CPU: PASCAL, SSE3, AVX, ARM Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android GPU: OpenCL, Vulkan (Just an idea to use GPU to accelerate RTL) (Single & Parallel routines) What do you think ? I hope anyone will start contribute and make Delphi Fastest Again! Thank you Github: https://github.com/chmichael/UltraCode64 Poll for 32 bit: http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5d24b2c8e4b02fae1dda847d