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  1. Vince Bartlett

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    Hmmmmmm....... Downloaded and installed this morning. There was a strange non-populating external window thrown up when starting which was a bit concerning. I loaded, cleaned and built the mobile app I'm buildng and ..... Stack overflow in FMX.Types.DoAlign(FitLeft) <Sigh> New versions never just compile and run.
  2. Vince Bartlett

    Unable to debug blank application on Android 12

    Factory reset the device this morning and it's still the same.
  3. Vince Bartlett

    Unable to debug blank application on Android 12

    I don't have the same issue but after the last load of updates my A52 5G installed, the Delphi debugger won't break at any breakpoint. The end process works though. My A51 (and all the the other Android phones I tried) still work OK. I've tried on both RAD Studio 11 and 11.1. 11.1 did some odd things, I disabled USB debugging, reconnected and it asked about trusting the computer. Then it decided it wasn't in developer mode any more so I had to re-enable it. Wondering if the Samsung updates broke something?
  4. Vince Bartlett

    iOS Local Network Permission

    Thanks for the reply but which protocol isn't the issue. The issue is that iOS wants the app user to confirm that they will allow the app to access local network resources. (I believe this was introduced to stop the more aggressive companies trying to create a unique user ID based on what they can sniff out on the local network for ad targeting I suppose) If the user agrees, there isn't any issue - it all works as expected. If the user chooses to deny access, there isn't an exception or error generated. The app effectively hangs and has to be force terminated. Subsequent runs of the app doesn't display the same confirmation box and all network fails as if there's no active network connection. I can't find a way to perform any check if this has happened or a way to reset the test. It's pretty crappy user experience. I guess this is pretty much as Apple intended. It's a pain there's no error reported. It's possible to change the text of the confirmation box which might be about the best I can do.
  5. Vince Bartlett

    IOS 15 suppoort

    Got the same issue. This is what the customer sees. The weird thing for me is my phone updated to iOS 15 and the app still ran.
  6. Vince Bartlett

    iOS Local Network Permission

    Yep, dead easy Create a new multi device app. Add a TIdUDPClient, a text and a button to the form. Add the following to the button click handler.... procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin try IdUDPClient1.Host := 'local_pc_name.local'; IdUDPClient1.BoundPort := 8080; IdUDPClient1.Connect; except on e: Exception do begin Text1.Text := e.Message; end; end; end; The first time that the above code is run, the confirmation box is displayed by iOS. If Allow is clicked, the call will execute as normal. If Don't Allow is selected, it all kind of hangs. If the app is terminated and rerun, then a more sensible error about can't resolve the address is received. In the real app I'm actually using an Indy HTTP client component but the way this happens is identical as far as I can determine. I'm using 10.4.2 if that makes any difference. Cheers
  7. Vince Bartlett

    iOS Local Network Permission

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I've not been able to spot anything appropriate. My app needs to connect to the user's local network. With iOS 14 (I believe) the OS started throwing up a confirmation of allowing the app to access it. Fair enough. However if they choose to deny access, the app doesn't appear to get an an error or exception. The app has to be force terminated the restarted. Once restarted, the warning isn't displayed again but the network call just fail. Neither can I find a way to enable the query so the permission can be enabled. Anyone know of an example or description on how to handle this situation more elegantly? Thanks for any assistance.
  8. Vince Bartlett

    Android Camera Exception

    Oops! Scrub that, I didn't have "Secure File Sharing" checked in the project options.
  9. Vince Bartlett

    Android Camera Exception

    Hi I'm migrating my app to 10.4.1 I've hit an issue when testing the camera functions - I get an exception: I then created a minimal new app with the necessary parts of the main app to go through the permissions etc. but it still occurs. It fails the same on 32 and 64 bit. Anyone else seen or managed to fix this? Cheers Vince
  10. Resurrecting an old thread... Anybody aware if unified memory management will be in 10.4? I've kept an eye on Marco's blog and it's not mentioned....
  11. Vince Bartlett

    Project load error

    I've been using 10.3.3 now for around a week. It's been mostly OK but I've now started receiving this error... The project file could not be loaded. '�', hexadecimal value 0x01, is an invalid character. Line ????, position ??. [Fatal Error] The project file could not be loaded. '�', hexadecimal value 0x01, is an invalid character. Line ????, position ??. I thought it was Android only related but has started turning up when the Windows app version is active. Anyone seen this before? (and they've still not fixed Brief emulation Grrrrrrr....)
  12. Vince Bartlett

    Delphi 10.3.3 has been released

    I did a clean install of 10.3.3. this morning from an ISO. All fine except no UI components available in FMX applications. VCL is fine. Bother.....
  13. Vince Bartlett

    10.3.1 has been released

    Hmmmm... I see your point but at the time of raising the issue I didn't know the cause. This version wasn't the first installed RAD Studio but as far as I can remember it was the first time I'd encountered the issue. I'd agree about the comment not being detailed. However, I added a comment with more information on the same day where I explicitly stated I didn't install OSX (and mention there was an existing related issue). If this wasn't enough for their QA people to work out the issue I'd wonder about bothering to report things. If any of my group, especially the QA guys gave up as easily as these characters then I'd be very disappointed. I realise they have a very large product and also a lot of bugs which are of immeasurably higher impact and importance, but if this is their best endeavour????
  14. Vince Bartlett

    10.3.1 has been released

    You mean copy the original description? 😉 I'm going to Marco's London seminar in a couple of weeks..... I might get more success asking there.
  15. Vince Bartlett

    10.3.1 has been released

    I did. In December - RSP-21678 They couldn't reproduce it (!) I've added a comment but guess now it's closed it won't get taken notice of.