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  1. Rudy Velthuis

    Mark thread as read?

    I know there is a way to mark an entire forum as read, but is there a way to mark a single thread in a forum as read too? Marking an entire forum as read is a little drastic, IMO, but marking a thread (i.e. all messages currently in that thread) as read would make a lot of sense, IMO.
  2. Rudy Velthuis

    Limit to reactions

    I think "Sad" is negative. But I guess you mean something like a downvote. <g>
  3. Rudy Velthuis

    Limit to reactions

    Thanks for raising the limit. 10 was a little low, indeed. After all, reactions do not interrupt the flow of the "thread" or somehow interfere. I actually assume that most posters are glad about such reactions.
  4. Rudy Velthuis

    On-demand ARC feature discussed

    They make a lot of sense together with the conceived mrecords. I guess that is the main reason they are introduced now. Mrecords are default constructed at the time they are declared, and destroyed at the end of a scope, so it makes sense that now, you can have blocks with inlined block-local variables that are default destroyed a the end of the block (or loop). IOW, it seems to me that inlined, block local variables are part of a larger policy that is not fully implemented yet. Type inference belongs to inlined variables, so people got what they want. After all, we already had some limited type inference for constants and generics already.
  5. Rudy Velthuis

    On-demand ARC feature discussed

    In a company like Embarcadero, they are never made by one person alone. That the RSP was closed did not mean they would never do it Just that at that time, it was not necessary. But it actually makes a lot of sense right now, in the context of mrecords (i.e. those with default constructors etc). We didn't get those yet, but we got the inlined the variables. With inlined variables, and local block scopes, mrecords can be default constructed and more importantly, default destroyed, in a single block, just by declaring them inline in such a block, or in a loop context. In and of themselves, they still do not make a lot of business sense, IMO. They are nice to have, but not absolutely necessary. Only together with mrecords, they start to make sense. They changed some other policies, e.g. the use of ARC on Linux or the exclusion of 8-bit strings (Utf8Sring, RawByteString) in mobile. I doubt they will ever reverse their decision about slowy phasing out ARC, because that was a reversal already.
  6. Rudy Velthuis

    On-demand ARC feature discussed

    Then why do you complain about my dismissal? I can't dismiss anything here. The people at Embarcadero can, and I do think they know the compiler better than you do, and the language and all the relevant issues too, no matter what you think. And they are the only ones you must convince. No one else here can do what you want. Only they can. Telling them they are more or less stupid or ignorant about their own product is not the best way to achieve anything from them.
  7. Rudy Velthuis

    On-demand ARC feature discussed

    There you go again. On the Embarcadero server, I would have already cancelled that message and suspended your access for a few days. You obviously can't discuss without being insulting.
  8. Rudy Velthuis

    On-demand ARC feature discussed

    Was he? Not as far as I know. EOM.
  9. Rudy Velthuis

    Limit to reactions

    Haha, funny. But I'd rather know about the number of daily "reactions" like "Like", "Sad", "Thanks", "Confused" or, indeed "Haha".
  10. Rudy Velthuis

    On-demand ARC feature discussed

    I am saying they will certainly dismiss it. You don't have to convince me, as I don't decide such things.
  11. Rudy Velthuis

    On-demand ARC feature discussed

    It is quite a bit to claim you only know the truth and the people at Embarcadero don't. But aside from that, it is futile to argue how it shall be done if it is sure it will never be done. That is truth. And now I'm probably finished with the topic.
  12. Rudy Velthuis

    On-demand ARC feature discussed

    I will not repeat my arguments. I have already shown what is wrong with yours. You know my view, you know the view of the people responsible art Embarcadero. Your efforts to "convince" them are futile, both because of your bad arguments and because of your behaviour. And it is not even sure they will ever read this. This is not an official outlet of Embarcadero. That can be found here: https://community.idera.com/developer-tools/p/forums
  13. Rudy Velthuis

    On-demand ARC feature discussed

    If every container or function taking objects as parameters must be done twice, then that is some kind of Apartheid, instead of easy co-existence. And you claimed there would be easy co-existence. I assume you know what Marco Cantù wrote, and that that probably is the opinion of the entire Delphi team (http://blog.marcocantu.com/blog/2018-october-Delphi-ARC-directions.html): That is exactly what I am saying, and you have proven it a few times now. I have shown that you must either separate containers and functions, or that you must add explicit runtime code to everything that allows you to mix such objects, i.e. there is an added runtime cost (and not just at compile-time, as you claimed). If you add that, no matter how you implement it, even if it is only as a flag, there is a runtime cost too, then it is clear that this is not a viable solution. It is kludgy, it requires a lot of code duplication, it slows things down and it is confusing. I am very much in favour of finding a way to make lifetime management of objects easier, and ARC would be one way, but mixing ARC and non-ARC is not a viable one. Also, the move back to non-ARC was done for simplicity and speed and to finally get back to one object model for all platforms. You would lose these advantages with your mixing model. So you can talk about it a little more, but I am sure that neither your attitude nor your arguments are helpful in convincing them. In other words: I am pretty sure what you want will never be done. Perhaps you can convince the FPC people to implement it for you (although I guess they would refuse that too, for similar and probably for some more reasons), or you can try to find a group of people who fork FPC and then implement if for you. Good luck. I have said what there is to be said. I agree with the Delphi team and I am pretty sure they had the same insight and reasons as I had.
  14. Rudy Velthuis

    Limit to reactions

    I just found out there is a limit to the number of reactions like "Thanks" or "+1". Where can I find what this limit is, and why does it exist? Are there more limits like this? Number of posts per day/thread/whatever?
  15. Rudy Velthuis

    Spelling and search

    Is there another UI?