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Found 4 results

  1. I have always been unable to find an answer to the following: The vertical line I point to in the image: Does it have a name? Can its horizontal position (width or column) be changed? Is it correct for what I think it is? When using Format Code (Ctrl-D), it makes all the code stay inside the limit of that column. Thanks in advance.
  2. We're styling the uses section the following way: uses Windows , SysUtils , Classes , Graphics , Forms ; break after uses break after each unit (but before the comma) only indent the lines not starting with a comma ("Windows" in this example) break before the semi-colon I created a patch and added it to the corresponding ticket: https://sourceforge.net/p/gexperts/feature-requests/154/ It adds two new options to the formatter (line-break page): 'After "uses"' and 'Before the comma'. The latter as a sub-option for 'Between every unit in "uses"' (like 'Except single lines'). 'After "uses"' just adds a break after "uses", to start the "uses"-block. "Before the comma" adds the line feed before the comma in the uses section instead of after it. I also removed the fixme regarding NoIndentUsesComma and FeedEachUnit as it (currently) does exactly what I intended when I submitted the NoIndentUsesComma-patch some time ago. I would like to see this patch merged or at least have some comments if there is something wrong/not as intended.
  3. TheDelphiCoder

    Feature Request #93

    Hi @dummzeuch, in case you missed it, I submitted a patch file for FR #93 on the SF repository. Best regards, Thomas
  4. Diego Simonini

    Code Formatter and generics

    Hi, given this configuration for spacing math operators sometimes the formatter formats generics declarations with spaces (especially in methods parameters) using 1.3.18 build 3342 How to fix? Thanks