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Found 3 results

  1. hello every one ..............how to store a video location to database and restore to play it in tMediaPlayer ? thank you
  2. toufik

    The location of sqllite database ?

    good morning every one ^^ how is every one doing )) 1- i have fmx android app that s create sqllite db on create ,what's the location of db on the phone and is it const location ? (does not change for every other phones) 2- what's the proper way to copy it from that location to sd card (backup) ? thanks and take care
  3. Hi there, I see some strange behaviour here when using Bluetooth with Android in the background. I'm using the permissions BLUETOOTH , BLUETOOTH_ADMIN, ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION , ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION and there is the new permission ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION Currently I do not really use lcation at all, only in combination with Bluetooth LE, which requires that. Since I want to use Bluetooth in the background, it seems that I have to set the ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATIONas well. Usually all works well, but I can see a strange effect after first install: Only when the app is first time installled, - I see the first permission alert popping up, and - usually I set location permission to ALWAYS - If I check the system permission dialog, I can see that location ALWAYS is perfectly set in the Android system - ! But Bluetooth LE its NOT working. Only after that I do, - close the app (closing not really needed, also good enough to change the system permission dialog to "WHEN IN USE") - change the location permission to "WHEN IN USE" - open or start the app again - ! opening, after changing the permission, will re-start the app, which is same as close/open So that really close/open is not needed, the system permission change causes the same effect. ! Changing from "WHEN IN USE" to "ALWAYS" doesn't re-start the app. - the app is asking again for location "ALWAYS", as it should - when I set "ALWAYS" (the second time), only then Bluetooth LE is working Conclusions: - So seems to work only from the 2nd time setting "ALWAYS", permission needs to be switched to "WHEN IN USE" once before. - I can also install the app, set permission alert to "WHEN IN USE", and then in system dialog change from "WHEN IN USE" to always, the app doesn't re-start, but seems to work with Bluetooth now. - It needs a sequence with "WHEN IN USE" firstly be required, before switching to "ALWAYS", is that the case ? Any clues what the real reason for this odd behaviour might be ?