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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I have defined a KeyBoardBinding by implementing IOTAKeyboardBinding. I register my keyboard binding using IOTAKeyboardServices.AddKeyboardBinding. It is working just fine, except when I activate a DFM file (Form-Editor). If I press the shortcut keys when a DFM file is active. Nothing happens. Anyone knows how to register a keybinding such that it works in the formeditor? Thank you!
  2. Hi, Before I start to summon demons, i wanted to ask if it is possible to add non-file related entries under a Project in the Project-Tree through the toolsapi? A Node like the existing ones, for example "Build Configurations" or "Target Platforms". From what i can tell, i can only add something, if it is an existing file?
  3. Hi there, I want to develop a plug-in for the Delphi IDE. In that plug-in I want to be notified after a DFM file has been saved. I have been looking at the Open Tools API and am a little unsure about how to proceed. What I have found is that it is possible to attach a IOTAModuleNotifier to a Module (IOTAModule40.AddNotifier). The notifier 'AfterSave' method should be called after the module is saved. But this means that I have to keep track of all open modules and make sure to attach/detach notifiers. Ideally I would be able to register one global Notifier, that would be called everytime a file is saved. I could then check if the file is a form (*.dfm) and take appropriate action. I have not found a way to do this. Anyone know if this possible? Thank you!
  4. I am trying to write a small plug-in to the Delphi IDE using ToolsAPI. (If I succeed, it will be distributed free of charge.) 1. Is it possible to reset the status of a file in editor after changes via IOTAEditWriter? Here is IOTAEditor.Modified but It's readonly. Or somehow make him think that the file has already been saved. 2. Is it possible to hook view mode switchings for opened DFM/FMX forms (View as Form / View as Text), using ToolsAPI only?