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Found 1 result

  1. I need to run a piece of code in TTask threads using a thread pool, that runs in every platform and get the results in the main UI thread in a thread safe message object without checking with a timer. Inspired by a post from Remy Lebeau in the Lazarus forum I wrote the following. Comments, suggestions, errors in the code welcome. interface type TTaskdata < T >= class type mydataP = ^T; mytaskproctyp =procedure(a: mydataP) of object; private Data: T; ProcessData: mytaskproctyp; procedure DoProcess; public procedure queue(datatyp: T; taskproc: mytaskproctyp); end; implementation procedure TTaskdata<T>.queue(datatyp: T; taskproc: mytaskproctyp); begin Data := datatyp; ProcessData := taskproc; TThread.queue(nil, DoProcess); end; procedure TTaskdata<T>.DoProcess; begin ProcessData(@Data); end; In an other/main Tform Unit type Dsoup = record nam: string; i: integer; end; // a sample record for send and receiving data to Ttask routine ReturnProc = procedure(mypointer: Ttaskdata<Dsoup>.mydataP) of object; var FCustomPool: TThreadPool; // the theadpool to be used for reusing threads, it should initialiazed in Tform's constructor procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); // the initial route that will prepare data for Ttask and run it var soup: Dsoup; begin { set in Dsoup all data to send in TTask routine } TTask.Run(dowork(soup, getresults), FCustomPool); end; function TForm1.dowork(const a: Dsoup; p: ReturnProc): tproc; begin Result := // anonymous function to run by Ttask procedure var ff: Ttaskdata<Dsoup>; begin ff := Ttaskdata<Dsoup>.create; try { do all the task job here } ff.queue(a, p); // add result data to be sent with Thread.queue except ff.free; end; end; end; procedure TForm1.getresults(p: Ttaskdata<Dsoup>.mydataP); begin { here come the results from TTask in the main UI thread } end;