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shortcut keys prev/next identifier reference

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I don't think this is a gexperts problem, but this might be the best place to look for info.


Since upgrading to 11, the shortcut keys to previous and next identifier reference (ctrl alt up and ctrl alt down) keep breaking.

When I look in the configuration, they're still there and when I reset them (as in, set them again), they work again, after a reboot it's broken again.


Anyone a tip how to solve this?

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The easiest solution would probably be to assign different shortcut keys.

No idea which part of the IDE now uses them.

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Anything else installed? I know MMX uses those for Previous Entity and Next Entity.

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@Brian Evans I use cnpack next to gexperts, but have been doing so for years, so no idea why that would be a problem now.


Also, the keys don't actually seem to do something when gexperts can't use time.
I understand @dummzeuch proposal is the easiest solution, for me currently also the least desired one though 🙂

I'll keep poking to see if I can find the cause.

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