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How much is a yearly update subscription?

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Hello RAD Studio Experts,

I feel that RAD Studio Professional is a good choice for cross-platform IDE.  It's price is around EURO 2,300.  As to such a super complicated software, I can say this price is fair and reasonable.


When it comes to security fixes, how much do we have to pay for a yearly subscription for a RAD Studio Professional Edition?

If I stop subscription, do I have to buy a new license in order to get the security fixes?


Thanks for your attention.  :classic_rolleyes:

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For actionable information you really should contact your sales rep at Embarcadero for this information. I will say that the cost of renewing the subscription goes up every single year. The last year I renewed I opted for the five-year term so I could lock in the price, calculating that they will never actually lower it and I am probably going to need the updates. I think the annual renewal worked out to US $530/yr with the offered discounts when I paid for 5 years up front, back in 2021. My emails indicate that they were advertising this as a way to avoid the "4% uplift" every year. I doubt it's only 4% (given US inflation since then) now but I have no idea really.

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For Enterprise and I just got a quote for $1199 for a year.

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