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Bill Meyer

Making MAPI work solidly

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After all these years, I would have thought this should be simple, but apparently not. My app needs to be able to send mail via the installed default client. The assumption is that MAPI will be used, but if that is an issue, I suppose it could be changed. 


My problem is that on systems with Outlook, I have not been successful. If I install Thunderbird, and set it to be the app for mapimail, it works fine. But obviously, I need to be able to send where Outlook is the client. I have been reading Microsoft docs, and checking registry keys, and still have not found a clear answer to why some systems work and others do not. That said, I have never been a specialist in this area, so my own ignorance of the mechanisms is an impediment. I would appreciate it if anyone can offer a simple and reliable solution.

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On 5/4/2019 at 12:23 AM, Andrea Raimondi said:

Use RAPWare and all your nightmares will be laid to rest. 

Not an option for me at this time. The current solution seems to work correctly, but with an attachment, and where Outlook is the default client and gmail the recipient address, there is a second, phantom attachment. It proves to be 32K of memory image. Where the default client is Thunderbird, or where the destination is not gmail, we do not see the phantom attachment. Also, the phantom does not exist unless we pass a recipient address in the call to send MAPI; if we pass only the attachment name(s), then no secondary is created.

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