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  1. Andrea Raimondi

    Book contents survey

    Hello! Over the weekend I have posted a survey in various FB Delphi communities about my book's content planning. Here's the link: Survey Please do take it if you want, it's short and sweet: 6 questions. Kind Regards, A
  2. Andrea Raimondi

    Web dashboard application

    Hi! The beauty of Delphi is that if you design things properly you don't have to settle. Start easy with DMVC, which also has demos for Bootstrap to get you started and make sure that your data classes are well separated by the DMVC code. Once you have that running, you can really look into alternatives. The only issue would be the events: for that, I would go with push notifications (for example, Kinvey) on all platforms. The reason for this is that you're still going to need them on mobile, so you may just as well use them across the board. Then again, plan it properly and you can change things around a fair bit.
  3. Andrea Raimondi

    Change the background color of a TEdit

    Just find the corresponding style resource. The colour is there.
  4. Hello! I have a day job that I enjoy very much, but I'd be interested in extra, short-term assignments. If you got anything that you can't do for whatever reason, please give me a shout,