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  1. Andrea Raimondi

    CrystalNet - .Net Runtime Library for Delphi

    I had a gander and I think the whole thing is very confusing: for example. why does the Pro extend the Enterprise license? It makes no sense to me. It's just all weird.
  2. Andrea Raimondi

    DEC (Delphi Encryption Compendium) has a new home

    Hi! One glaring omission in the readme is algorithm support. I think this is incredibly important to help decide what to do 😄
  3. Andrea Raimondi

    Text 3D is horrible

    Hi! This is my current DFM: object Viewport3D1: TViewport3D Align = Top Size.Width = 640.000000000000000000 Size.Height = 100.000000000000000000 Size.PlatformDefault = False object Text3D1: TText3D WrapMode = Fit Position.X = 325.000091552734400000 Position.Y = 44.999977111816400000 Position.Z = 0.000061035156250000 RotationAngle.X = 198.409103393554700000 RotationAngle.Y = 95.915130615234380000 RotationAngle.Z = 85.144851684570320000 Width = 59.589870452880860000 Height = 385.819519042968800000 Depth = 17.276718139648440000 Projection = Screen VisibleContextMenu = False TwoSide = True ZWrite = False Text = 'Snap&Share' Flatness = 1.000000000000000000 Sides = [Front, Back, Shaft] Quanternion = '(0.118859842419624,-0.110193893313408,-0.70152872800827,-0.69396' + '6567516327)' end end My final goal is: 1) Have a clearly 3D text, i.e. users can see it's 3D 2) When there's an action performed by the user (i.e. for example the click of a button) I want this text to rotate. So, what I want to obtain is a slightly inclined text that clearly shows it's already 3D as a first step. You know what I am talking about, right? Thanks! A
  4. Andrea Raimondi

    Text 3D is horrible

    Hello! I am sure I am doing something not very smart somewhere (or I just don't quite understand how 3D works, which is possible!) and my 3D text looks terrible and I don't know how to make it look right 😄 Please find the currently really bad text attached. Anybody knows why it's that bad and not showing properly? Thanks!
  5. Andrea Raimondi

    Records, Generics and RTTI meets FireDAC

    @Lars Fosdal I have a sort of Mini-ORM somewhere which would be beneficial for you because it starts from the assumption that there is a truckloadworth of SQL already written.
  6. Andrea Raimondi

    XML Parsing and Processing

    We disagree on the notion that the performance is an issue 🙂 I think it's not, given how much stuff you can do out of the box. I would also like to point out that OXML is quite a neat library, we use it for importing Excel (xlsx ones) and it's awesome.
  7. Andrea Raimondi

    XML Parsing and Processing

    I don't necessarily agree that the default XML document is bad, considering all the features that you get. I do agree that if it let you be faster but with access to fewer features than that might be a compromise that developers may be willing to make. And I think that other offerings basically take that approach: they don't necessarily give you everything and you compromise on that. One thing that bothers me a little bit is that there seems to be no notion of using SAX processing which is probably much better suited to SVG than a full blown DOM. This is why I don't necessarily agree with what you're saying. A
  8. It appears that, so far, I don't have many 😄 Chilkat is DLL based (which is a big no-no for me) and /n is just way too expensive. Tms does not support it as far as I can see. I might need to roll my own.
  9. The problem I have with that company is that everything costs waaaaaay too much. I am a single developer and for now I am just exploring options.
  10. Hi, For now it's just curiousity, but I might need it soon-ish.
  11. Andrea Raimondi

    GUI automation tool for Firemonkey apps ?

    Hi! What, exactly, are you looking to test? A lot can be accomplished, for example, by unit testing even for the UI using mock objects. A
  12. Andrea Raimondi

    Platform switch expert

    Hello! Anyone knows of an expert that, given a project group, will automatically toggle all projects to Win32/64 according to what was previously using(i.e, switch to x64 if currently x32 and viceversa).
  13. Andrea Raimondi


    My assumption here (which means I may be wrong) is to discourage you from doing precisely what you're trying to do, i,e. change it at design time. With that said, it's a decision that sits quite well with me for the simple reason that it allows me to enable things as I go along, so that at any given point I can, for example, showcase things while still giving off that "unfinished" feel that is so important if you're dealing with upper management/customers/etc.
  14. LiveBinding looks very cool at the beginning... until you try something more meaningful 😄 I mean, Maurizio Del Magno's IORM solution seems to provide a neat MVVM implementation, but I am also in the camp "I don't really like the MVVM approach" as it's usually defined (i.e. chock full of RTTI etc.). I'd rather the compiler enforce things than having exceptions at runtime. But MVVM per se isn't a bad idea: you can do it pretty much the same way ASP.NET core does which isn't bad at all. The basic idea is this: Say that you have a TUser class with all of its properties (Name, UserStatus, etc.): this is your model. Then you have a TLoggedUser class with only the relevant information for the logged user (i.e. a Token, the UserStatus, etc.) and this is one of your ViewModels. You can have as many ViewModels as you need based on one single model. What happens then is that you only deal with ViewModels everywhere else than where you need to deal with the model (which is usually not user-facing). That approach I like and I think is sensible. TMS Aurelius allows you to do something like this by using a MultiModel setup.
  15. I don't know if I qualify as an "expert", but I find that as my knowledge grows I also come up with new solutions that work much better for the intended (and sometimes changing!) goals. For example, recently, I have come up with a solution to reuse as much UI code as possible between FMX and VCL. While it still requires you to use different components (for the two libraries are much too different) there is still a lot you can do to minimise impact. Thus, I would say that as I gain experience, I find new ways to address new or existing problems which work much better for the goals at hand. This also means I find myself refactoring a lot more than I otherwise would.