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Getit problem

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On D10.2.3 did any one solved the problem of GetIt "invalid class typecast" 

I had the same problem d10.2.1

to use getit  i open d10 free.

Screenshot - 07_05_2019 , 11_59_57.png

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I wonder if this was related to themes being disabled.  

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I think this had (has?) something to do with the way an imaging class / component was pulled into GetIt, and it's the result of an ambiguous reference in the code. 


I removed the offending component and it still kept happening. So I haven't been able to run GetIt for a long time.


It would be really nice if there was an alternative way of DLing and installing stuff from GetIt that didn't depend on waiting for the next release to come out before the problem got fixed.


What's the point of having something like this if it gets disabled by some random component, then can't be fixed and can't be bypassed? I am not about to spend several hours uninstalling and reinstalling Delphi and two dozen component libs just to fix some weird bug that breaks something I use very rarely.

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