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Good delphi learning sites for new team member

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Hi folks,

We have a new developer at out team, he got C# & Python at his study, and has to learn Delphi now to be productive in our team ūüôā

What sites you recommend to start out with Delphi, we have him now looking to Learn Delphi, and the links mentioned there.


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Search engines are your friend. Here is a small list. None of these offer structure like a training course or a classroom curriculum. But there are some worthwhile articles and videos.




Embarcadero YouTube


Delphi Programming Tutorials

Not free: Embarcadero Academy


I personally prefer books. Shortly after I started using Delphi, my go to Delphi bibles were Mastering Delphi 2 and Delphi Developer's Handbook, both by Marco Cantu. Most everything in those books still apply, although they were written nearly 30 years ago. There are several good "current" Delphi books that would cover more recent language additions but may assume the reader already knows the basics.


Coding in Delphi and More Coding in Delphi by Nick Hodges are good for the Delphi language itself. But check out other authors as well. There are a number of excellent books on Delphi by some great authors.

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I think this is a start Henney Lambda? Presentation 2020 NDC has mention of Borland's Pascal and Delphi in it. 


Any computer based training, books, and manuals needs be to discussed over what was learned and review the topics that are unclear should make the onboarding process a learning experience for you as well as the new guy.   


Also studying GExperts source and comments at https://blog.dummzeuch.de/2021/10/24/gexperts-1-3-19-alpha-for-delphi-11/   is good and what the Experts can do is useful!  



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I would not suggest jumping into the source of an IDE Expert.  There are many open source repos that could be beneficial. Here are a few, and these are just github. 


Embarcadero GitHub - Project  samples included with the past several versions of Delphi and some other interesting repos.


Delphi topic on GitHub - Over 2,200 open source projects


Edit: This may be useful: Coding Boot Camp 2022

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