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Lars Fosdal

C# offtopic: Class of TSomeClass - Alternatives?

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I am quite fond of class variables of the Class of TSomeClass type.

I use these for polymorph creation of class instance variables, typically handlers of some sort, but C# does AFAIK not have a similar construct, i.e. type as a variable.


What are the best practice alternatives to using class variables?

Am I limited to case / if then else factories or is there something more elegant around?

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However I would go a step further and use delegates where you stick that implementation into.




You have Cat and Dog class that both derive from Animal - now because Func<T> is covariant you can write this:


Func<Animal> makeAnimal = () => new Dog();


Or you can make some function that creates these Func<T> for you - then you can write:

var makeCat = MakeFactory<Cat>(); // this is basically like the place in Delphi code where you would assign the TCat class to a TAnimalClass variable
makeAnimal = makeCat; // again - covariant - a function returning a cat can be assigned to a func returning an animal
var cat = makeAnimal(); // cat will be of type Animal though because that is the return type of makeAnimal - but that is the same for Delphi meta classes


Or just use DI 😉

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