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Memory leak in UnicodeString to string conversion

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Hello, I have a memory leak (EurekaLog): Memory Leak: Type=UnicodeString: Ref count - 1, Content: "Archive info"; Total size=78; Count=3;

It happens not every time.


It found in:

  result_text: IRecognitionResult;

procedure TWorkerThread.Execute;
  OtlParallel.Parallel.For(0, 20,1).NumTasks(6).Execute(
  procedure (value: integer)
    Recognition: string;
      Recognition:= result_text.recognition_text >>>>> here is leak 


  IRecognitionResult = interface(IDispatch)
    function Get_text: String; safecall;
    property recognition_text: String read Get_text;

Can somebody explain how to avoid this? I have tried to change line to this: Recognition := Copy(result_text.recognition_text,1,Pos(#0,result_text.recognition_text)-1)

because dll returns info like "Archive info#0aaa,bf;ddf...", but it does not help.



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allocation number: 1804277
program up time: 3:04 min
type: UnicodeString
address: $da9db60
size: 26
access rights: read/write
code page: 1200
reference counter: 1
string length: 6
contents: Detected text

thread $85e8 (TOTPWorkerThread):
671a52b3 madExcept32.dll madExceptDbg    1736 GetMemCallback
004073e8 Main_program.exe    System          4758 @GetMem
0040bd86 Main_program.exe    System         24650 @NewUnicodeString
0040bfb7 Main_program.exe    System         25328 @UStrFromPWCharLen
01268b1f Main_program.exe    Unit1          14371 TWorkerThread.Execute$ActRec.$2$Body
0118353a Main_program.exe    OtlParallel     3440 TOmniParallelSimpleLoop.Execute[2]$ActRec.$0$Body
01183054 Main_program.exe    OtlParallel     3380 TOmniParallelSimpleLoop.CreateForTask$ActRec.$0$Body
0115b76f Main_program.exe    OtlTaskControl  1991 TOmniTaskExecutor.Asy_Execute
0115a51e Main_program.exe    OtlTaskControl  1584 TOmniTask.InternalExecute
0040a038 Main_program.exe    System         17320 TObject.GetInterface
0040a081 Main_program.exe    System         17327 TObject.GetInterface
00411d3b Main_program.exe    System         38375 TInterfacedObject.QueryInterface
00410916 Main_program.exe    System         37361 @IntfCast
0115a248 Main_program.exe    OtlTaskControl  1502 TOmniTask.Execute
0114c624 Main_program.exe    OtlThreadPool    889 TOTPWorkerThread.ExecuteWorkItem
0114c800 Main_program.exe    OtlThreadPool    918 TOTPWorkerThread.GetMsg
0114c19f Main_program.exe    OtlThreadPool    846 TOTPWorkerThread.Execute
004adbb7 Main_program.exe    madExcept            HookedTThreadExecute
0053ca51 Main_program.exe    System.Classes 14945 ThreadProc
0040bcd4 Main_program.exe    System         24423 ThreadWrapper
004ada9d Main_program.exe    madExcept            CallThreadProcSafe
004adb02 Main_program.exe    madExcept            ThreadExceptFrame
755e0417 KERNEL32.DLL                         BaseThreadInitThunk



I quess - convertion from widestring to string is the problem. But how to fix it?


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Before knowing how to fix it, you need to know what causes the leak. That's where the minimal reproduction comes in. 

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I'm now trying on - Finalize(result_text);


Leak detectors does not register leaks. Will write if it will help...

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String is not an automation compatible data type. The IRecognitionResult.Get_text() method and IRecognition.recognition_text property need to be declared to use WideString instead of String.

IRecognitionResult = interface(IDispatch)
  function Get_text: WideString; safecall;
  property recognition_text: WideString read Get_text;


Edited by Remy Lebeau
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