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Position: Freelance Delphi Developer
Project: Point of Sale (POS) System Development
Required Qualifications:
Experienced in the Delphi programming language
Proficient in Point of Sale (POS) system development
Knowledgeable in databases, especially MySQL
Strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
Adaptable to freelance work and a collaborative team player
Ability to effectively manage project processes
Roles and Responsibilities:
Analyze and contribute to the development of the existing POS system
Lead software error identification and correction processes
Add new features by conducting needs analysis
Contribute to the creation of a reliable and effective POS system
How to Apply:
Interested candidates are invited to submit their resumes and references to DM me

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It's probably smart to inform about the whereabouts and remote working possibilities.

Personally, I would not submit a resume to an "anonymous" position.

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On 1/30/2024 at 12:03 PM, Lars Fosdal said:

I would not submit a resume to an "anonymous" position

Not many intelligent people would.

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21 hours ago, David Heffernan said:

Who'd engage with this without any idea on the details like compensation?? 

Isn't it crazy what goes on these days in recruiting? Companies complain, but then won't change their approach. I've offered to take on $150K/yr roles for $120K/yr. Now, I only have part-time hours to assign to Delphi work. But still, companies don't take advantage of the opportunity to find out if I would be a good addition to their project, by spending just a few bucks for part-time help.

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