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Ian Branch

D12 Indy install - IndyIPServer error

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Posted (edited)

Hi Team,

Win 11, D12.1.

I installed the latest Indy10 per the instructions.

I noted that the uninstall cmd kept failing due to access level.

I manually deinstalled the indicated Indy files.

I then installed the 290.groupproj without issue.

On restarting D12 I see the following message:


I found IndyIPServer.dpk but Delphi doesn't like it.  😞

Do I need this .bpl?

If yes, how do I now recreate it to Indy10?


I am also seeing this error when I start D12:



Regards & TIA,





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Posted (edited)

IndyIPServer290 issue:  Deleted it and the issue went away. 😉  It should have been deleted with the Clean up.

LivePreview Issue:  Answered in 2021 when I had the same issue.  I don't use it so it doesn't matter.


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Updating Indy will always cause problems with LivePreview - because Embarcadero created a dependency with Indy on that package. I never use the bundled version of Indy so I see this every time I upgrade - I just click No and move on (not sure what LivePreview does 🤷‍♂️)

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