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Leif Uneus

Increasing registration count not possible without active maintenance support

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Although it has been mentioned before: The license isn't invalidated after subscription has run out. It keeps working and it can even be installed on another system. In case the installation counter needs to be bumped one has to contact Embarcadero Sales (in contrast to Support while on subscription) to get this increased. I have not heard of anyone where that has been denied.

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@Uwe Raabe  That sounds good, but it simply is not the case unless something has changed. Some time ago I decided after having paid for the Pro version as a hobbyist, that I would be satisfied with the version I was running and did not renew my subscription. 2 months later I changed my computer name from the default Desktopxxx to a more recognizable name. That invalidated my license, and I needed an install bump. I could not get Embarcadero to do it no matter who I talked to. They eventually allowed me to renew the license at the renew rate instead of full price, even though I was outside the grace period. Of course they backdated it 2 months as well. I consider Delphi ransomware, at least the renewal (Ransom) is not that high.


I prefer Delphi to anything else I have tried. It's far easier for someone without a formal computer science education, at least the connection between code and UI. 


Embarcadero's policy on this is reprehensible and probably illegal. Any company with an install limit policy should be required to allow their users to deactivate/reactivate installs. I have several other software programs that do just that, and even when I have forgotten to do that, a simple email to support to move the license gets a quick response, with a reminder to remember to do it myself 🙂 I even have an original Delphi 2009 Pro CD in the case with Codegear serial numbers on it that I cannot register.

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23 minutes ago, Gary said:

I could not get Embarcadero to do it no matter who I talked to.

If that is indeed the case you should escalate this until you succeed. This would be the first case where Embarcadero actually denies the bump even when the request was made through the required channels.


I have been involved in a couple of cases in the German Delphi-PRAXiS where the hint contacting Embarcadero Germany was sufficient to get it done. I don't know which sales office is responsible for your case, but I suggest pestering them on and on to get this straight.

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I stayed on Delphi XE Professional or a long time - until buying a license for Delphi 10.2 Enterprise about 9 years later. I had no issues getting a bump when needed and being able to re-install the aging versions of Delphi, Developer Express VCL and NexusDB Standard Edition as needed over those nine years contributed to my decision to upgrade and have active subscriptions for all three today. Not sure that would be the case if I encountered friction in installing any of them during the close to a decade I did little paid Delphi development. 



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