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Ian Branch

Formatter Line Breaks..

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Hi Guys,


I seem to recall from some time ago that there was a setting in the Delphi Formatter|Line Breaks that you could set/change so that single line If....then lines would be formatted to a single line as opposed to multi-line If...then...else.

Is my memory faulty and there isn't such a setting/change?

If it is there, I can't identify it att.

Regards & TIA,


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Not sure if I've got you right, but perhaps Line breaks before Then is what you are looking for.

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Hi Uwe,

Given the following single line if/then..

If something is true then do this;

The Delphi formatter does this to it..

If something is true then
  do this;

I want it to keep the original and reformat to single line if it is a single line If/then statement.

The GExperts formatter does have the option to keep the single line if/then, see picture, but doesn't reformat the second case above back to a single line and then only in the current unit.




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Sorry, but I am not aware of any option in the Delphi formatter producing the desired output.

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