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sspi error with TWSocket

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I upgrade the ICS Overbyte version I used to be able to use this Library with RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo (C++ Builder). I already have a version on a separare computer that works with Rad Studio XE5.

Since I add a TWSocket component on a form, I can't compile the project anymore. I have an error : You must define one of SECURITY_WIN32, SECURITY_KERNEL or SECURITY_MAC from sspi.h file. 

I Added #define SECURITY_WIN32 at the beginning of my project by the problem is not solved. 

Can you help me ?


Best regards, 

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From the OverbyteIcsSspi.pas unit:


 **If you compile with BCB personality define SECURITY_WIN32 in the project options**




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The SSPI stuff is only needed for NTLM authentication which the define UseNTLMAuthentication controls, so perhaps you had that disabled last time.



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Finally, I didn't change anything in OverbyteIcsHttpProt.pas file.

I prefer to define SECURITY_WIN32 when required.

Thanks for your help.

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