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John Kouraklis

Book: Introducing Delphi ORM using TMS Aurelius

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Hi everyone,


I would like to share with you that my new book has reached the production stage and will be available in September by Apress.


The book is about Object Relational Mapping in Delphi and explores TMS Aurelius-- and excellent ORM solution for Delphi developers.


I would, also, like to cordially thank Wagner Landgraf and Nick Hodges who were the tech reviewers of the manuscripts.


Nick (who does not need any introductions) always shares his deep experience and has been very supportive while I was writing this book.


Wagner (the creator of TMS Aurelius) has been guiding me with his expertise and suggestions to produce a presentation of Aurelius based on real-life situations.


Thank you both.


I hope you enjoy the book and I am looking forward for your feedback.








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