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Jacek Laskowski

[FireDAC] Access to the connection object using Connection Definition Name

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I use private connection definition configured by Connection Definition Name.


FDQuery1.ConnectionName := 'Ora_Demo';
FDQuery1.Open('select * from "Customers"');

But now I need to assigned events on FDConnection level:


  Connection.OnRecover := ...;
  Connection.OnRestored := ...;
  Connection.OnLost := ...;

How can I do this when I have only Query and the Connection is automatically created from the connection pool?


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  • clear FDQuery1.ConnectionName
  • add a TFDConnection 
  • set its ConnectionDefName to your need
  • set FDQuery1.Connection to that connection

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1 hour ago, Jacek Laskowski said:

I search for other, without TFDConnection, I use a FireDAC connection pooling

You are still using connection pooling with this approach. Connection pooling doesn't pool TFDConnection but TPhysConnections which can be accessed by TFDConnection.ConnectionIntf.

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