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Ian Branch

Minimize Button only on Form?

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Hi Team,

I want to have the only the Minimize button border icon on the form but it seems I have to have the SystemMenu button on as well. :-(

Is there any way to just have the minimize button and not the SystemMenu button?

The form BorderStyle is bsSingle.

Regards & TIA,


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Yes of course and it is there for a good reason.



Well-designed applications include two basic requirements:

  • They must be usable even when the keyboard is the sole input device.
  • They must also be functional and user-friendly.

Microsoft: Guidelines for Keyboard User Interface Design


There are no shortcuts defined for Minimize, Maximize, Restore, Move or Resize. Without the SystemMenu you were not able to control the Window only by keyboard.

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Hi Schokohase,

Thank you for the advice on the buttons.  I was afraid of that.

Philosophical discussion - On the aspect of 'User-friendly' - User-friendly is not what I or Microsoft say it is, it is what the User says it is.  If he/she doesn't like the way it looks or the way it does it, it isn't user-friendly, to them.  Yes, there tomes about the right way to do things however ultimately it is the User that decides.  And ultimately they are the ones paying the Bills. 🙂





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@Ian Branch As long as you have one user, I concur. After that you are on your own in a deep sea of...ummm... smelly...ummm... residue?


UI guidelines are there to get people used to the best common denominator. Any application that deviates might get some cheers by some users, but also some jeers by others. And it will cause the developer head aches to just keep up the "good" UI after adding new features, fixing bugs and so forth. And that is not counting what happens when the OS changes its own UI paradigm.


So leave the eye candy to the likes of Kai Krause and just make good applications, that benefit the users in a way that will make them overlook the lack of luster.

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