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Ian Branch

Delphi Memory Managers?

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Hi Guys,

This might be one of those personal preference things...

Does anybody have any view on using the built in (Delphi Rio) memory manager v using FastMM4 or ScaleMM2?

Or any other 3rd Party Delphi Memory manager for that matter?

I use EurekaLog for error trapping so I don't need/use that functionality from FastMM4 per se.


Thoughts, preferences. reasons?




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Depends on your program's requirements and memory usage patterns. 


What are you trying to achieve with a change of memory manager? 

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Delphi default MM is a cut-down version of FastMM4 on Windows.
You may achieve slightly better performance on multi-threading by using FastMM4 with some custom conditionals.


IIRC on Apple, Linux or mobile platforms, it uses the clib heap manager. Which is not bad in practice. 


ScaleMM2 or others - like BrainMM - may be better for multi-threaded apps, but tend to consume much more memory.

Under Linux, switching to Intel TBB or JMalloc may give a performance boost, but will also consume much more memory - see my tests with FPC https://github.com/synopse/mORMot/blob/8a55fb3bf2d4cffeb779dd19a8be18e227188f2f/SynFPCCMemAligned.pas#L68


But the main performance enhancement would probably be by changing your algorithms...
Mainly avoiding heap allocations...
See http://blog.synopse.info/post/2018/11/12/EKON-22-Slides-and-Code

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