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The Embarcadero GetIt server could not be reached...

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Using Wireshark, I can observe how the Delphi IDE queries the DNS for "getit.embarcadero.com" as soon as Delphi tries to install the Android platform.


This tells me that the IDE really uses Getit as the mechanism to retrieve the Android SDK.  Anyway, the DNS server answers with the IP "".  Then Delphi initiates a TCP connection to that address on port 443. The connection is successful and a TLS connection is initiated.  The server exists and is listening!   A few seconds later, the error message "cannot load data from the server. Please, check your connection status" appears in Delphi.


So... Even though Getit basically works, it seems that the Android SDK is AWOL on the server itself.  


I had installed Delphi from the ISO because I wanted to avoid dependencies on unreliable external sources.  An ISO/DVD is supposed to have a self-contained installer with the correct versions of the dependencies, but the person who composed this ISO really didn't think things through well enough. 


You know, one reason for archiving an ISO is to be able to install the product exactly how it was at the time of the release. That isn't possible if external dependencies are missing or have changed in the mean time.




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On 11.08.2019 at 14:54, Uwe Raabe said:

10.3.2 için URL düzeltmesini denediniz mi? Benim durumumda, 10.2.3 için bile işe yaradı, bu yüzden siz de şanslı olabilirsiniz.

URL fix didn't work for me. How does such an error occur on a $ 4500 program? I want to install for learning purposes, but every version has an error.

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1 hour ago, yilmaz bozaci said:

URL fix didn't work for me

Is the value for ServiceKind "Online" (without the quotes)?

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