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A.M. Hoornweg

Install Android SDK manually?

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Hello World,


Can anyone please point me to some instructions on how to manually install the Android SDK in such a way that it'll work with Delphi Rio (in a VM)?

I just can't understand how Embarcadero didn't have a contingency plan for keeping GetIt online. A two-weeks outage is soooooo unacceptable. 








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Run Android Tools and select following packages to install:
1. [x] Android SDK Platform-Tools
2. [x] Android SDK Build-tools 28.0.2
3. Android 8.0.0 (API 26)
    [x] SDK Platform

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There is also a consideration about which JDK to install.
In the last version(s) I only used the standard setup from Embarcadero, which works fine for me, and ensures that all EMBT libs are compatible
to the JDK, NDK, SDK, and is less hassle.
In the past I also had to use AndroidStudio, to get certain fixes, but I think the current versions were a lot more stable now.

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