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serious bug with Indy based code and I9 8/16 cores

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recently I got a I9 8/16 core


compiling a hello world webbroker indy standalone project


using default MM4 with apachebench I get 50 reqs/sec only (!)

using other MM I get 10K reqs/sec


so seems a bug of Fastmm4 with 16 detected cores and more


please can somebody confirm this bug testing on a 8/16 core CPU or more?


it's particular important considering all the MVC classes built over Indy targeting servers

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Delphi 10.2.3

standard Indy (I used the Indy provided in Delphi 10.2.3, if I remember should be 10.5.6)


project wizard -> webbroker -> standalone server with httpbridge

action on GET send a string "webbroker server etc.etc."


apachebench ab.exe

ab -n 10000 -c 100 -k -r


on I7 4/8 works well

on I9 8/16 (latest 9th gen Intel) becomes very slow answering only 50 reqs per sec

on I9 changing mm to another third party got 10000 reqs per sec


I will try also ISAPI app

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