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Impossible to install ICS for RAD Studio 10.3.2 Rio

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I am trying to install ICS for RAD Studio 10.3 Rio. As said in the ReadMe document, I open CB103InstallVclFmx.groupproj into RAD Studio 10.3.2 Rio.

This group of project contains 3 Run projects and 3 Design Project.

I am trying to build the Run projects and it failes :

- project IcsCommonCB103Run.cbproj returns 'false.dpr' file not found

- project IcsVclCB103Run.cbproj and IcsFmxCB103Run.cbproj => enable to open 'ICSCOMMONCB102RUN.LIB'

Why projects are looking for ICSCOMMONCB102RUN.LIB when I am trying to install 103 version ?


If somebody can help ?


Best regards

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I found in the forum a post that give a solution for my problem (Trying to install ICS 858 on C++ Builder Rio 10.3.1 post by alank2).

I follow the given instructions : made the changes in the different files and added the Win32 folder to the path.


With files corrections, the compilation of the Run projects works fine. Good news !!


But I still have a problem with Design projects. When I am trying to install them I always have the error : enable to open the package. The requested .bpl are in the folder.

I try to add this package directly with RAD Studio IDE from Component -> Install packages but the error is still there.

What can I do to solve this error ?


Thanks for your help.


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After compiling the packages, you must install the design time packages. Right click on the project and select "install" in popup menu.


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It is what I am doing.


On IcsCommonCB103Design.bpl (in RAD Studio), right click -> build => OK build succeed then right click -> Install => Error Impossible to load the package (see attachment).

However the file is in the directory and the system path update to access Win32 folder.


I am doing the same for the 2 others design projects.



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How can I have more informations about the bpl ? It is the first time I have a problem to install package into RAD Studio.


Is there any options in RAD Studio to change to be able to know what is the problem ?

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I solved the problem. I added the path to BPL in system variables for my user, I don't know why it doesn't take variables defined for all users.


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