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Screenshots for new app

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When you add a new app to Apple Store you need send multiple screenshot of running app.

But with simulator I can´t run app on new decives (ios 12.4).

How can I make screenshot for all devices and for send to app store ?


Thank you

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I use screenshots from physical devices, and some form-factors I scale to what is needed.

Although this is not the way that is recommended, I got no rejections so far.

Important is that the aspect ratio stays the same, doesn'T get blurry and looks like on a real device.

Only for tablets this doesn't work out (to skale a phone to tablet), so you must look for the right base screenshots
for phones and tablets.

Maybe this helps to find the right aspect ratios.

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10 hours ago, Rollo62 said:

Important is that the aspect ratio stays the same

How do you manage that?


10 hours ago, Rollo62 said:

Maybe this helps to find the right aspect ratios.

Thanks for the link!

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I have done the following without any problem: I'm sorry, my English is not good but I hope you can understand me. 


1. Run the app in windows. Set the forms dimensions with the same aspect ratio you want to simulate. You have to divide the original apple device width and height in order to fit in standard windows screen resolution. 


2388 x 1668 iPad Pro - - > divide by 3

796 x 556 -> The same aspect ration. It's easy to screenshot with this size. 


Note: I'm talking about client dimensions. You have to drop the borders and title bar. 


2. Take the screenshots


3. Scale the screenshots by the same factor you applied in step one. 


4. The result will not pixel perfect but it usually enough because the screenshots is shown in a small frame.


5. You can add a device frame



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Posted (edited)
On 8/9/2019 at 11:48 PM, Dave Nottage said:

How do you manage that? 

A lot of those ratios are scales of a kind of base ratio.
I get screenshots from the devices to native resolution e.g. 1242x2208 somehow, and then re-scale the other
variants from this base usually.
Its getting more difficult since iPhone X, but you can still prepare a lot of variants from one screenshot.
For example with a resize tool like IrfanView, which allows to keep resizing images with fixed aspect ratio,

you can see that resizing came close tho the magic number (like 2209), and  when you then remove the fixed aspect checkbox to be able to enter the desired number directily in the edit field (like 2208).


Please check enclosed Excel file, where I found that e.g. the magic numbers 1242 and 2048 play a special role.
I can re-scale the original base pictures to most of the needed aspect ratios (which may differ a few bits) w/o much distortion.
So I must confess I'm not an designer, and I cannot see any issues with the bare eye (I'm sure that some designer will find some flaws), so I don't care much about this "invisible" distortion of the image..
But when I upload such artwork this is rarely rejected by Apple, so maybe also there somebody took a fast look at it, no special AI algorithm.

For production I prepared some batch files for the processing, but I always wanted to put this whole image generation into a small tool, also for Android.




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