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cocos2d multiplatform

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I like enhance this library https://github.com/HandymanPlus/delphi-cocos2dx and make it FMX compatible multiplatform, but using low level OpenGLES (Android, Ios, Osx)

I have few spare time, does somebody wants join me in this work?

Coco2d is by far the best engine for cellphones realtime games, making it fully compatible delphi android and ios... is a must to do!


Let me know, thanks

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Metal is Apple only,

Vulcan is not well supported.


further both are low level api,

cocos is high level game engine, the most used. Also GLes (OpenGL subset) works perfectly from Android, iOS to Linux ...


will be cool to have a Delphi counterpart of this engine


I’ll try to do in the spare time

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OpenGL/OpenGL ES are being deprecated by Apple and will be removed shortly. If you want to use it you need an wrapper to Metal. (MoltenGL for instance; not free!)

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