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Stéphane Wierzbicki

How can I delete an archive Item using TZipFile class

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Anyone knows how I can delete an archive Item using TZipFile class ? 

I found a TZipFileHelper class helper on the net. It is useless since we cannot access TZipFile private members anymore.


procedure TZipFileHelper.Delete(FileName: string);
  i, j: Integer;
  StartOffset, EndOffset, Size: UInt32;
  Header: TZipHeader;
  Buf: TBytes;
  i := IndexOf(FileName);
  if i <> -1 then begin
    // Find extents for existing file in the file stream
    StartOffset := Self.FFiles[i].LocalHeaderOffset;
    EndOffset := Self.FEndFileData;
    for j := 0 to Self.FFiles.Count - 1 do begin
      if (Self.FFiles[j].LocalHeaderOffset > StartOffset) and
         (Self.FFiles[j].LocalHeaderOffset <= EndOffset) then
        EndOffset := Self.FFiles[j].LocalHeaderOffset;
    Size := EndOffset - StartOffset;
    // Update central directory header data
    for j := 0 to Self.FFiles.Count - 1 do begin
      Header := Self.FFiles[j];
      if Header.LocalHeaderOffset > StartOffset then begin
        Header.LocalHeaderOffset := Header.LocalHeaderOffset - Size;
        Self.FFiles[j] := Header;
    // Remove existing file stream
    SetLength(Buf, Self.FEndFileData - EndOffset);
    Self.FStream.Position := EndOffset;
    if Length(Buf) > 0 then
      Self.FStream.Read(Buf[0], Length(Buf));
    Self.FStream.Size := StartOffset;
    if Length(Buf) > 0 then
      Self.FStream.Write(Buf[0], Length(Buf));
    Self.FEndFileData := Self.FStream.Position;



ps: I'm using Delphi RIO

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5 hours ago, Stéphane Wierzbicki said:

access TZipFile private members

WITH is your friend:

// from https://stackoverflow.com
procedure TSomeClassHelper.CheckAccessToPrivate;
 With Self do begin // access via with works
   FInt :=1;
// Declared in another unit as:
type TSomeClass = class
      FInt : integer;
      procedure SomeMethod;


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On 8/31/2019 at 10:37 AM, Stéphane Wierzbicki said:

That is clearly a bug ! I'm surprised EMB did not fixed it!.

They are aware of it. Just as they have already fixed other access issues related to helpers, it is likely only a matter of time before they do fix this one too. 

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