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Firebird SQL 3.0.4 content encoding issue

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I am having a really weird issue with Firebird SQL 3.0.4,


I have two servers, one local which I use for development and one production, both are running the exact same version of Firebird, using the same "firebird.conf" configuration file.


On my production server, if I enter Hebrew text (e.g. "בדיקה"), I get "?????" in the DB. However, it works just fine on my development server.

On my development server, if I enter German umlauts (e.g. "äöü"), I get "???" in the DB. However, it works just fine on my production server.


Things I tried:
1. I verified the text sent to the DB is valid (appears correctly in UTF8 encoded log files).
2. I file-compared "firebird.conf" on both production and development server and they are identical.

3. I tried using this Firebird SQL command to reset the collation "alter character set utf8 set default collation unicode_ci_ai;".

4. Adding 'CharacterSet=utf8' to my connection params (full connection code below).

5. If I use DBeaver to view the database structure, I see all the "varchar" columns have a "charset" set to "NONE".


    dbMain := TFDConnection.Create(nil);
    with dbMain.Params do

Any ideas?

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I think I figured it out, when I created the DB using DBeaver, it simply created all columns with a CHARSET of "NONE".


Now I'm trying to figure out a way to automate the conversion from NONE to UTF8 as there doesn't seem to be any straight-forward way of making it happen.

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Just to conclude, after scouring the internet to find an elegant solution, I eventually had to brute-force it by creating new columns using this command :



Then I used DBeaver's "Copy" & "Advanced Paste" to copy over the string data from the old columns to the new columns.


I had to do this for approximately 10 tables with a combined total of around 60 columns.  The whole process took about 1.5-2 hours.

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