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Delphi 10.3.2 with Xcode 11 and iOS 13?

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29 minutes ago, Hans♫ said:

Sorry that I did not make my self clear. I was commenting on your post about how to get Application Loader.

Yes, no problem.  Thanks for help anyway.

Regarding Transporter (and the whole deployment), maybe this file is interesting too.


Regarding the XCode 11.2.1 Problem, I just downloaded from official AppStore, no more XCode 11.2.1 DM Seed version needed.

! Available since  1 day, after issues yesterday ...

Why can Apple not give at least a reasonable timespan to allow updates when developers are ready for it,
instead forcing us to update but not delivering any product.


Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong place, in the wrong time ...



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Ok, finally its back again.

But I had to

- remove the updated XCode 11.2.1 before (the XIP extraction and copy method seems to have some flaws, altough XCode runs fine)

   by throwing XCode.app in the waste bin and clean up some remains, old ScratchDir, etc.

- re-boot VM, to be on the safe side
- re-install XCode 11.2.1 from the AppStore
- re-boot iPhone
- re-connect iPhone, XCode is preparing (which is a good sign).

- Close RadStudio

- Reboot RadStudio VM (to be on the safe side)

- Restart and open RadStudio

- Remove in SDK Manager the old 13.2 SDK's

- Add new 13.2. SDK


- Deploy with Transporter (or old ApplicationLoader)

- Done


I think the problem my occured by unzipping XIB file and overwriting the old XCode (although this was recommened in several places).

It seems that the SDK or tools were not updated.

Better if I did a complete cleanup of XCode before, but since that was not available in the AppStore, it was not really a "usual install",

so I avoided to cleanup in the first place.

So I will be careful with Apple's hurry up fixes in the future, if Apple only would let me keep my old version running (which they didn't).


Anyway, getting back productive now, thats good for me, and maybe helps other to avoid such scenario.




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