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Attila Kovacs

Ever wondered why Shift+Ctrl+Alt+P (Sync Prototypes) sometimes stops working?

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Well, I did not found the cause yet, but I found that if you do a right-click on the editor then the keyboard-shortcut works again.

Would be cool to catch the case which disables or removes this menu and report it.

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Usually, it seems to be related to something not compiling, and not necessarily in the unit that you are in.

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I have similar behavior with Shift Ctrl T (add to-do item) if the project is set to auto load (autosave Project Desktop) and CN Pack (and some other add-ins) is installed.

The to-do dialog is displayed but the to do item is not added to the editor unless I first right click to display the context menu. I'm not sure it's in any way related. 

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