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Attila Kovacs

is there any "currency to words" routine for Delphi?

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In hebrew, as maybe in russian, 11 is "1 and 10", 12 is "2 and 10". Germanic languages (and i include english, yes) have that; "Twelve" not "2-teen" or "2-ten". I do not have any etymological proof, but as you suggest @Fr0sT.Brutal, an old economy based on 12 and 20 is very likely behind these things. In "old" swedish at least; "dussin" = 12, "Tjog" = 20. Messy! Lucky us to have been born late enough.  Oh, and a british "draftsman" hired a desk across me for half a year and i was on about the metric system. She agreed; "The "1 and 1/18th inch" is old shit." she said.


Once more admins; a "Language" sub-forum. No?

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At least those old numeric systems were activating the mental arithmetic in everyday life.

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"The gold ones are Galleons," he explained. "Seventeen silver Sickles to a Galleon and twenty-nine Knuts to a Sickle, it's easy enough "

© JK Rowling, HP & Philosopher's stone.

That's all what should be said about English measure system 😄

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