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Chris Pim

JSON parsing fails on iOS but fine in Windows

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I have strange problem occurring when parsing a JSON string on iOS using the System.JSON library in Berlin.


I call TJSONObject.ParseJSONValue() to get a value from the start of a JSON string which has worked fine if I run under Windows.


As soon as I run under iOS, the same JSON string causes a null pointer exception. When debugging through, the null pointer is the TJSONObject class itself which is odd as ParseJSONValue() is a class function so don’t know why that would ever happen.


I suspect this isn’t really the case and is just what the debugger is interpreting (the iOS debugger in Berlin isn’t great).


I suspect the JSON string is too large for the parser as it’s a huge string.


My question is whether anyone is aware of a size limit for parsing a JSON string or whether there’s a known issue in the Berlin JSON libraries which might cause this?


Unfortunately I can’t provide a sample JSON string as it’s a client’s backup data but hopefully someone will be able to help.

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It looks like the issue was due to a nil character at the end of the string I was parsing, rather than a string length issue.


Thanks for your help Markus!

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