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David Champion

Modern C++ and Delphi

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1 hour ago, David Schwartz said:

I've never seen a "migration" from a large stable Delphi app to a full .NET web-service app succeed. At least, not in the time I was working at these places, and they all were scheduled to be complete during my tenure by had barely made headway by the time I left. 


I just don't get it. It's actually pretty straightforward to migrate business logic out of a Delphi app incrementally, and improve the testability dramatically along the way. But Management always seems to jump on the Microsoft bandwagon that restarts everything from scratch with a whole new design.

Yup, I've been in the exact same boat.  That's why my big monolithic (C++Builder written) app still works fine for over 2 decades, and our .NET ported web-based app doesn't 🙂

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Posted (edited)

I like the growing support for C++, maybe one day I have the chance to migrate my projects back to C++ if its stable enough.
The whole advantage of C++ would be if all these countless popular C/C++ projects like ImageMagick, OpenCV, LibVLC, etc. could be build from CppBuilder out-of-the-box, has anyone tried yet ?
As I understood David Millington, Embarcadero has seen this big advantage as well, and is working in that direction to bring C++ world more close to Delphi.

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