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Components for monetize app (ads,...)

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I would like to know about actual components / code / articles for monetize a delphi App.


Thank you show much

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Thank you.


Is posibble use adsense with Mac and Windows to ? inside app...



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I don't know if Aerserve is still active and running with Rio, never checked thant.

Maybe somebody has more info about this ?

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I am interested in such components as well.


Does TBannerAd still work? I think I read in a forum that it doesnt work with the latest versions of Android.


Then, I have seen desktop applications using ad platforms in the same way as on mobiles.


For example, TuneIn in the latest release uses Google Ads to show ads in a desktop app.


So, I was thinking (but havent tried it yet) to add a TWebBrowser in a form and then link the content to Google Ads. Wouldn't this work?

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