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Uses Clause Manager improved: Filter units with multiple words!

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Now it is possible to filter Units with multiple words (separated by spaces):








• The number of words is unlimited

• The search is super-fast

• The words can be in any order

• The multi-word-filtering does not need to be activated: Just use a single word as before or any additional words separated by spaces. UCM will automatically decide whether searching for a single word or for multiple words.


Here are the sources (based on release r2907) :




The next improvement will be: Filtering Identifiers with multiple words (tomorrow)

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OK, I went back to look at your changes in chronological order:


The idea is nice, but the implementation - how do I say that without being rude? - suboptimal.


Creating a global MultFilter: TStringList variable in GX_GenericUtils which is only used in FilterStringList and if assigned means that the filter parameter will be ignored is not just a code smell, it stinks.


Why not have a separate function for this and pass the string list as a parameter to it? Especially since the string list is being populated every time the user enters a new character.

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