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Loading SSL Certificates into EXE (TSslContext)

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I am using TSslFtpServer , TSslWSocketServer along with TSSLContext component successfully when using the SslCAFile , SslCertFile and SslPrivateKeyFile properties to point to files on the Hard Disk.

I noticed there are matching SslCALines , SslCertLines and SslPrivateKeyLines . I filled these properties with text from the corresponding files but it did not work. I am asking this because I would prefer not to expose the Certificate files.


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The latest versions of TSslFtpServer and TSslWSocketServer do not require to use an SslContext, which was never well documented and is complicated to use.  You should instead use IcsHosts to specify listeners, SSL properties and certificates,  The IcsHosts SslCert property can be a file name or an string containing a PEM certificate and the component loads either automatically.  This is all done in TSslWSocketServer.LoadOneCert if you really want to do it the old way.





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