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[iOS] Current phone device is stored/cached where ? (in XCode, in RadStudio)

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Hi there,


I just found strange behaviour, where connected device doesn't show up and the old disappear.

This happened before, but usually after pressing "Refresh" on the iOS Device Target, this got updated.


Now I saw this, both were show at the same time (current connected, and NOT connected device)



iPhoneX is currently connected, and I can use it and debug it.

iPhone6 was NOT connected, not even the last 3 days, and it is stored somewhere.


I'm asking myself where is this information stored, and how could I clean this shadow memory ?

What I assume is that RadStudio doesn't store anything like this, but it will load the current list via PAServer all the time (maybe I'm wrong here).

I already restarted RadStudio, but still the same is visible.


Then XCode would be the candidate for storing all devices connected, but at least its NOT listed in the current devices page either:



So the question is: where are these "old", formerly connected devices stored ?

It seems there is some kind of hidden cache somewhere, does somebody know howto clean this ?






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The ActiveMobileDevice tag in the .dproj.local file has info about connected devices. Whether it retains "old" devices I don't know.

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@Dave Nottage

Nope, sorry, I couldn't find any ActiveMobileDevice in any local nor AppData files.


The whole system (Windows/Macos/XCode) was still running since yesterday, and today, w/o any device connected,

it still showed the last device in the upper bar.

After pressing the "Refresh" button beside this I've got an IDE message

(by the way, I have seen same issue several times before, but that doesn'T do much harm).



It seems to be the case when devices are lost. while IDE tries to re-load it into the view.

Usually IDE works still well after this, so no big issue.

I enclosed the details list enclosed, maybe this is helpful.


Now, after this exception, the IDE devices list seems to be empty, as it should.

I will take a look at the ActiveMobileDevice during my work, and maybe get back if I can spot something interesting.

Anyway, this issue is no big deal, just annoying, thanks anyway for looking into this ...





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