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Error when trying to build GExperts r3053

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I tried to build [r3053] in Delphi 10.3.3. Got this error message:


[Exec Error] The command "call ..\..\buildtools\prebuild.cmd "\\Mac\Home\Documents\DELPHI\___ADDINS\gexperts-code-r3053-trunk\Projects\DelphiXx103\GExpertsRS103.dproj"&&call ..\..\buildtools\movedll.cmd "\\Mac\Home\Documents\DELPHI\___ADDINS\gexperts-code-r3053-trunk\Binaries\GExpertsRS103.dll"" exited with code 9009.


How can this be resolved?

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Hi Peter,

FWIW, I just did a cold svn download of 3053, built and installed in D10.3.3 without issue.

Perhaps there is something else afoot?



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