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tInAppPurchase: "IabResult: IAB gab keine purchaseData oder dataSignature zurück (response: Unbekannter Fehler)"

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We've implemented InAppPurchases, it works but if the user buyes a 12 months subscription on finsih i get this error is returned in "OnError" as tFailureKind.Purchase:


IabResult: IAB gab keine purchaseData oder dataSignature zurück (response: Unbekannter Fehler)

But Google says purchase is successful. I see the subscription activated. If i do a InAppPurchase.QueryProducts the product is listed as activated. 


Is someone using this with Rio and working? Is there any other component available than the integrated from embc. Such a base-function should work out of the box but does not. 

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As i can say after doing a lot of tests: the tInAppPurchase component has a lot of problems. in my case it does never call the PurchaseCompleted, it throws an internal exception which is never showed to the user.


Only solution so far is:


1. do a myInAppPurchase.PurchaseProduct(vProductId);

2. on next start of app do myInAppPurchase.QueryProducts; and after that do a myInAppPurchase.IsProductPurchased(vProductId); 


How is this possible that such a base functionality has problems? Any problems prior to Rio there? Any tips / hints?

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